Sunday, December 9, 2007


Offer is available subject to first come first serve basis,and may change without prior notice.


The Seller hereby undertakes to Sell/Transfer the below mentioned Commodity to the Buyer and, the Buyer hereby undertakes to Buy/Purchase the below mentioned Commodity from The Seller.

Gold Bullion (Au).

1.2 FORM.
Bars of 12.5 Kilogram (12.5 Kg).

Minimum fineness of 999.5 parts per thousand of Fine Gold, and above.

1.4 AGE.
Approximately five (5) years old.

Internationally recognized Hallmarks.

a. Certificate of Origin.
b. Certificate of Weight List.
c. Certificate of Ownership.
d. Assayers Report.
e. SKR Security House Hong Kong.
f. Customs Clearance.
g. Commercial Invoice.
h. Certificate of Averring.

Security Warehouse, Hong Kong.

Ex-Security Warehouse, Hong Kong.

Two hundred (200) Metric Tonnes or above with Rolls and extensions.

Ten (10) Metric Tonnes.

The agreed purchase price is the quoted price in USD or EUR on the Day-of-Transaction as set by the “London Gold Market Fixing Ltd” Second Fixing (pm) for Gold Bullion (Au), and displayed by “LBMA”. In the event that the LBMA is not operating on that scheduled day, the price calculation used shall be based on the second LBMA fixing of the next Market opening day.
NOTE: Day-of-Transaction is defined as the day when the buyer accepts ownership or possession of the Gold Bullion. This day shall be used to fix the price of the gold bullion applicable for the Tranche.
Gross to Buyer : 12%
Net to Buyer : 9%

1.5 COMMISSIONS. [ Paid By The Seller ]
Sellers Side : 1% (Closed)
Intermediaries : 1% (closed)
Buyers Side : 1.5% (Open)

1.6 PAYMENT instructions.
Buyer shall pay Seller an amount equal to Ninety One Percentages (91%) of the purchase price (Ref.Article-1.11) to Seller’s Bank Account as indicated in Addendum-1, or any Bank Account as instructed by Seller.

1.7 transaction currency.
The transaction currency shall be the USD or EUR.

1.8 transaction payment.
By Conditional Swift Wire Transfer MT103 Field 23, for an amount as required for the Tranche, thence Full-Funds-Release shall be upon transfer of ownership of the SKR representing the Gold Bullion to the Buyer.

Buyer shall authorize Sellers Bank Officer to conduct a Soft Probe on Buyers Bank account

Seller shall issue Proof Of Product by SWIFT MT-799, with reference to Confirmation Of Contract Number: [Type text]

This Agreement shall expire after Ten (10) Banking Days from signing if Article-2.2.1 of Section-2, has not been completed. Extensions shall be at the sole discretion of the Seller, and subject to the re-lodging of this Agreement with the Sellers Bank.
This agreement shall be valid for a period of Ninety (90) Days from the date of Signing if Article-2.2.1 of Section-2 has been completed. Extensions shall be at the discretion of the Seller.
2.2 thence, within Ten (10) Banking days, Seller’s Bank contacts Buyer’s Bank to conduct a SOFT PROBE, and establish a “Window” for transmitting the following Swift Wire Transfer :

NOTE: Telephone call shall be initiated by the Sellers Bank Officer. The Buyer shall inform the Sellers Legal Representative, when the Telephone Call is to commence.

2.2.1 Buyer’s bank shall transmit a Conditional Swift Wire Transfer of Funds, MT 103 Field 23 for the tranche, valid for Ten (10) banking days. A certified copy of the executed swift wire is sent by Buyer to Seller for reference and action;

2.2.2 thereafter and upon confirmation, Seller’s Bank sends Buyer’s Bank, “Confirmation of Contract No: [Type text]” via Swift MT-799 ;

2.3 thereafter, and within three (3) banking days, Seller shall present a Copy of SKR to the Buyer in Hong Kong and accompany the Buyer to the security warehouse in Hong Kong to authenticate and verify the Gold Bullion (Au) of quantity as requested for the tranche, and the relevant supporting documents ;

2.4 thereafter, and within three (3) banking days, the Buyer shall complete the acceptance of the Gold Bullion during which the Buyer and Seller shall calculate the final purchase price payable;

2.5 thereafter, the Seller shall transfer beneficiary of the SKR representing the Gold Bullion to Buyer’s name and deliver the True Original SKR representing the applicable Tranche to the Buyer at the Buyers Bank, the Buyers bank shall instruct, Full Funds Release to the Sellers bank ;

2.6 The tranche shall be considered closed when Article-2.5, has been completed. Procedures in Article-2.2.1, Article-2.3, Article-2.4 and Article-2.5, shall be repeated until the contractual amount is reached. Rolls and extensions are the sole discretion of the Seller

BANK / LEGAL FEES. (refundable).
Due to non performance from several clients,we strictly required this.
All Clients are required to pay bank / legal fees of EUR 2,600. This fee shall be paid to the Principal Seller during the official signing. An official receipt shall be issued as proof of payment. This fee shall be refunded-in-full by the Principal Seller upon Clients ability to complete a single tranche.
-The Principal Seller


amit said...

please contact me re AU offers

ESCUDERO said...
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ESCUDERO said...

you sale or buy?

ESCUDERO said...

of course I understand.I´m buyyer mandate

Panky said...
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Panky said...

Dear Sir,
If you are really interested to execute this deal, I have some genuine buyers in my contact list and can execute it.
But no upfront fee, if every thing will be fine, then both party should be ready to sign Performance Bond @ 2%.
If Okey, send your offer


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Scarlet Lee said...

Your AU Offer from 07 is interesting. Do you have a similar offer that is now available?
Have a direct buyer. Contact me
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gautam said...

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